Justin S. Mincey

Justin's background

At 25 years of age, did you know the meaning of philanthropy and giving back?
Justin S. Mincey has learned those valuable lessons. Born and raised here in Savannah, GA. and a recent graduate from Bethune-Cookman University with a B.S. degree in Chemistry, Justin has been volunteering at RMHC helping with the House, events and anything that is needed for our children and their families. Justin has recently landed a job at Johnson Matthey/Intercat where he will embark on his new career. He is quite a role model for our young professionals, possessing both good character and integrity, especially when it comes to the world of non-profit. Justin is very dependable and committed with anything that he does. He always wants to see the best in everyone around him and his community. He started volunteering here at the RMHC in December 2012.

Why did you decide to volunteer at RMHC?

I decided to volunteer at RMHC because I had just graduated and had not landed a job yet. I wanted to do something with my time that was not only productive but that I enjoyed doing. While volunteering at RMHC of the Coastal Empire, I sense a family atmosphere with everyone that I work with while being allowed to give back through service to the children and families that we serve.

What is a favorite aspect of your volunteer work?

Being able to learn something new every day about the wonderful work that RMHC does around the world (and providing those opportunities here) and being able to connect with the families that just need someone to be there for them and listen.

What is your most memorable volunteer experience?

The most memorable is working with Ms. Lucy to establish a connection with our local and surrounding college and university students and organizations to help work and spread the news about what RMHC does for our families in the Coastal Empire.

Words from our Volunteer Coordinator:

Even though Justin Mincey  has been with Ronald McDonald House Charities for a relatively short time (November 2012)he has been an admirable volunteer.

 Not only does Justin often work four evening shifts per week, he has also helped with fundraisers, such as Wine & Fries and Battle of the Bakers. But these are not the only reasons Justin Mincey is an outstanding volunteer. What really impressed me is that he took the initiative to reach out to the local college student government associations to tell them about Ronald McDonald House Charities. It is his goal to raise student awareness of our charity and see an increase in student involvement.

 This college graduate who has a degree in Chemistry has found where his heart lies, and it is with our House. He truly understands the meaning of “giving back” and by spreading the word about Ronald McDonald House Charities he is sharing that wisdom with his peers.

 I am very proud and humbled to announce Justin Mincey as Volunteer of the Month for March 2013.
                                      Lucy McLaughlin, Volunteer Coordinator

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