Facts & Figures

•   $89  cost to house of one family for one night.
  $10 amount we request of families for each night they stay.
• 79% of families are unable to contribute that amount, so we raise money thr ough our Share a Night fund to support them.
•   3,008 – Number of family night stays in 2012 at the Savannah Ronald McDonald House. In 2013, the RMH was closed for 189 nights due to refurbishment of the House.
• 2,192 – Number of families NOT served by the Ronald McDonald House, instead were on our waiting list
•   16 days  –  Average length of stay to start 2014
•  3000
– Number of families served by the Ronald McDonald Family Room program in 2013 - in March a second family room was opened.
• 1,900 – Children served on the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile in Beaufort County (SC)

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